Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Sauna

No, we're not getting a sauna, but it felt like we were in one today at the house! The carpet guys cranked the heat because it's easier to stretch the carpet when it's warm. That's right, the rest of the carpet is going in! (This is the underlay) They're doing the stairs, the upper hallway and the basement. Then they're done! Nathan was back doing more baseboards. And Rene is staining the wood for the bookshelves and fireplace! I was back at the house all day (well, it seemed like all day!) cleaning more windows. I got the main floor windows scraped off before lunch. Then after lunch I went back and gave all the windows the "real" cleaning. It's amazing how fast cleaning windows can go when there's no gunk to scrape off! Darcy has offered to clean the outside of the windows, and I'm not going to refuse! The windows in the basement will have to wait until I have more time - like after we've unpacked!
I'll take better pictures tomorrow. I was in a hurry to get the last window done before we had to run off to pick up Rachael.

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