Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last Minute Details

Well, with moving day coming later this week, we had some last minute things to try and finish up. On Saturday Kendra
and Claire came to help clean house. When you build a house you get all kinds of sawdust absolutely everywhere! It took almost all day to clean out the kitchen cupboards. Shannon made us lunch and watched the girls for us which was also a big help.
Yesterday Darcy built the stairs both to the front porch and from the garage to the house. Today I stained them both, as well as sealing the concrete deck in the back. (This pic is pre-stain.)
Gord and Torrey came to help move the last of the appliances from the old house to the new house.
They were wondering whose bright idea it was to put the laundry room on the second floor! That'd be me.
There's a big gap behind the washer/dryer because the dryer vent doesn't line up with the hole so there has to be space for the tube. We'll have to put a shelf or something back there so we don't drop stuff back there.
We're hoping the fridge will fit. We gave the cabinet guy measurements for it and then he gave us an eighth of an inch wiggle room. The plumber has to hook it up so we can have cold water and ice from it before we can push it back. Don't drop anything under the fridge because you're not getting it back!

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