Saturday, September 11, 2010


We had some leftover siding from our house that we put up on the playhouse. Unfortunately we only had enough to do the front. But we wouldn't need to get much to finish it off. But that's still undecided right now. Darcy brought home some free fascia wood (for the trim around the window) and I painted it with leftover house paint so today's efforts were free!
I also painted the door and we had a leftover doorknob, too.
Somehow the dog managed to get paint on him, too. He's got a bit on his snout and his back by the tail and I think there's a bit on his other side, too. How he managed to do this, I do not know. But it will wear off. Sooner or later.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not the House, Not the Play House, It's the... house! And I think it's the world's biggest dog house, at that!
Darcy put Rachael to work, teaching her to layout walls.Then we turned it into a crib.Next it became the world's biggest tool box.The came the roof.After that came the doorway (it gets bigger in a bit.)We were able to use all scraps of wood for building it and we used leftover paint from the house to paint it. (That way it matches, too!)And finally Uncle Brian donated some leftover roofing supplies to finish the job.Now, how do we move this thing?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Safety First

Since we built the playhouse over a drop-off, building a railing was a must.The girls helped by carrying the wood over (notice the WCB approved footwear!)and by holding the wood while Daddy nailed it in place.They also painted the trim that will go around the top of the playhouse. We had a whole can of paint left over from building the house so why not put it to good use? We're hoping there's enough siding left over to cover most of the exterior walls, too.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Play House Walls

More progress on the playhouse! On Saturday Darcy and Torrey built the walls for the playhouse.It was a little tricky working in among the wildlife!They also put up the roof. It's going to be a deck up there so the roof is just a sloping (so the water will fall off) floor.Kaitlynand Rachael helped put up the tar paper.This play house even comes with a real window that opens!Rachael and Kaitlyn are all set to move in!We'll finish the outside and put up some railings, a door and a ladder before the playhouse is finished. I think it would look great as a castle, but putting rock on the outside would be a little too pricey! Anyone got a bunch of rock siding to donate?

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Play House Floor

We finally had a sunny weekend to work on the playhouse again! (Well, a sunny Saturday, anyway.) Uncle Torrey came over and helped Darcy build the floor. They built it on the concrete forms they made last time and attached it to the trees at the back.Kaitlynand Rachael helped some, but with all the power tools being used there wasn't much they could do.Jaden wanted to get in and help in the worst way, but he's a little young still. Maybe in another dozen years or so, kid.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The PLAY House That Darcy Built

Now that the house is long finished it's time to get that play house built before the girls get too big!Only a framer would get out the transit to make sure everything lines up!We're building it in the back corner of our yard where it drops off into un-usable space. It will be ground level with possible additions to it either up or down. But for today they just got it ready for the posts.Stay tuned for more progress on the play house - weather permitting, of course!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Shock and amazement that I actually am posting something here! (I must confess, it's been so long I almost forgot what my password was!)
We just put in a vegetable garden today. I planted some peas and carrots, and am hoping the neighborhood rabbits don't eat them all before we do!Also transitioning between "tame" and "wild" on the west side. We're going to get some hostas plants from my mom today to plant here.And we're planting some more grass seed, as the yard is looking a little patchy. Hopefully third time's a charm! We're putting down more dirt with the seed this time. Cross your fingers!
A few of the plants in the front garden didn't survive the winter, so we may pick up a few other plants from Mom's too.