Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In The Jungle

In the jungle, the mightly jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... and that's where Rachael and Kaitlyn are going to sleep, too! But not tonight. Soon, though!
Shannon and Gord came and helped put up the animal border in the girls' bedroom today.
It was definately not a one person job, so thanks for all your help!
I really like how it turned out. Lots of fun!
John is back today putting the tile up in the ensuite.
The plumber also stopped by today to check on the progress of things. He thought he might come by and start installing fixtures on Friday!
The railing guy also came by for a bit today. He was able to match the stain from the hardwood floor pretty much exactly for the stain going on the railing, so that's good!
I was able to put the final coat of paint on one wall of daisies. I'm happy to say this coat is going on much faster than the last coat! Only three more walls, and then the yellow! Whew, I should have got a wallpaper border instead! What a lot of work! But I love how it looks!

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