Saturday, January 5, 2008

Windy City

It was super windy last night and today and there goes all of Brian's hard work on the roof. Well, not all of it. Just a bit of tar paper blew off. Nothing that can't easily be repaired. The shingles are all fine.
Rachael and Kaitlyn are making good use of their playroom downstairs already! Who needs toys, just give them a big empty room they can run around in!
Chris and Torrey have been busy installing some of the electrical stuff. We have switches...
...and pot lights...
...and a smoke detector.
Here is the master bedroom where you can see electrical boxes on the walls for lights, switches, plugs and a cable outlet. The plugs are all going to be in the baseboards. I don't think I've seen it in a house, but apparently it's the latest thing and looks really good.
The heating guy has been here, too. Heat is important. Especially in January!
Darcy and Torrey framed in a wall for the bathtub in the main bathroom. The wall was a bit bigger than the bathtub so we moved the outside wall in a bit. That way when you go to turn on the taps you don't have to kiss the toilet as much when you do it.
Then they just slid the tub right in for a perfect fit.
Where's the bubbles?
They also framed in the tub deck in the ensuite. The tub will go centred under the window, but the plumber needs to get at the space before the tub goes in.

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