Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let There Be Heat!

...and it was very good! Especially with the snow we woke up to today! The heating guy was here and hooked up the furnace and is working on all his duct work.

Brian also braved the snow today and is working on the side skirt roof. Fortunately the snow is supposed to turn to rain this afternoon. Makes working on the roof a little easier when there's no snow on it.

The kitchen guy was here yesterday and drew out all the lines on the floor for where things go. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures, but take a look at yesterday's post to get the over-all feeling of what the kitchen will look like.
The plumber hooked up the pipes for where the tub faucet will go and put in the drain and pipe for the shower stall.
He also hooked up the pipes for the girls' bathroom, too.

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