Friday, January 4, 2008

Green Monsters

Ahhhhhh! They sent us ugly green bathtubs! Ok, maybe it's just a protective coating. The tubs are actually nice, normal white. Though we could have got them in custom colors. Not sure what the colors would be, but white is nice and safe. It matches everything. This is the ensuite soaker tub. Darcy's building the tub deck and then it will go under the window.
This is the tub for the main bathroom. It's nice and deep, too. The girls like the "slide" down the one end.
Brian is finishing up the roof. He's got half the deck roof done and over the dining room.
Downstairs is all framed in and cleaned up. The girls play room is as big as the great room on the main floor! Yikes, there's room for a lot of toys down there!

Remember that foundation wall that blew out while the concrete was being poured? This is what the repair job looks like. We only lost about an inch of space we would have had, and it's only in the furnace room so it doesn't even make any difference.

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