Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Deja Vu

More of the same today. Brian's working on the roof - again where I can't really take a picture. Darcy's finishing up the roof of the deck in the back. He was short a few pieces so they delivered them today and he's finishing that up.
More back framing and hagers, etc. Boring stuff. But we did get a big dumpster in the front yard and Torrey cleaned it all up. You can see here how small it is. I think the two rocks across from Rachael are ours (though they won't be staying right there) and the rest of the rock wall is our neighbour's. So we'll have all landscaping in the front yard. No point in putting a tiny bit of grass in. That would be more hastle than it's worth.

By the rock in the foreground we're going to have a lampost (because there are no street lights on the lane every house will get a matching one) and we're going to put one of those rocks there with our address on it.

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