Monday, December 17, 2007

A Room With A View

Check it out! In the winter (because there's no leaves on the trees) we have a great view from our master bedroom and ensuite! This picture is taken right where the soaker tub will go. At night you can see the lights of Mission.
And we have most of the interior walls up. The is the girls bedroom. They will share a room because they just got bunk beds in spring and they would be very lonely going to bed by themselves. They have a window out the front as well as a side window. This will be very nice for ventelation in the summer, as their room faces south and will likely get pretty toasty. Unless the weather is like it was this summer.
This shows the guest room (on the left) and the laundry room. These also face south. And yes, there will be a wall between the two! I think I'm really going to like having the laundry on the bedroom floor. No hauling heavy baskets full of clothes up and down the stairs.

This is our master bedroom. The trusses come tomorrow and they will be vaulted in here! I'm also getting French doors and I'm very excited about these two features!
And this is our ensuite. There is also a bathroom for the girls on this floor and another bedroom that will be used as my craft room (yay!) but the walls weren't finished for those rooms yet. I think I will wait to take pictures of those rooms until Darcy has built the stairs. Stairs are so much nicer than a ladder.

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