Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let It Snow

The concrete's all in, so let it snow, because you can still frame in it! Can't really pour concrete in snow.
This is what our house looks like in the white stuff. The lumber's all there waiting for Darcy to come and start framing. Probably not on Monday, but some time this week.

Darcy's sweeping off the walls so that the snow won't get in the way of the wood. Not that it did much good because it's still coming down really heavily 2 hours later. It's supposed to be warm and rainy tomorrow, so that'll melt it pretty quick.

Chris came by on Friday and put up the electrical pannel. Torrey had just got in from Alberta so he went over and helped. Good electrical experience for him.

It's handy having concrete stairs to the basement already - Rachael and Kaitlyn are already making good use of their play room! This will be the only time with snow down there, though!

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