Monday, December 31, 2007

An Inside Job

No, it's not rain or snow that's forced everyone inside - the plumber's come! He's hooked up the pipes for the sinks and toilets and cut the holes out for the tub drains. I guess he's waiting until the actual units arrive so he knows exactly where to put them. This is more or less what the tub in our ensuite will look like:
"69 x 39 race track oval tub. The same as the Pacific 1, but with a little more designer appeal without the rectangle decking. Raised rolled rim head rest, dual lumbar supports and dual continuous armrests are really eye catching. Available in any designer colour. 4, 6, or 8 jet whirlpool systems, therapeutic air massage, lights, pillows and heaters are all available in this tub." Available, but for a price, as always. Unfortuantely, ours will most likely be just the basic floor model, but still a nice looking soaker tub.
Darcy and Graham are finishing up the stairs to the basement. They'll be done by the end of the day.
Brian is busy working hard on the roof. It was a nice, sunny day for him to be up there. He's got the left side finished and is putting down the tar paper to work on the right side. He figures it will take him about a week to get the roof done by himself. A bit longer if the weather doesn't cooperate, so we're hoping for more sunny days like this one!

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