Monday, December 3, 2007

My Specialty...

A long time ago, way back in the days before we had kids, I used to go in to work with Darcy and help him square the house, snap chalk lines for where the walls go and start the base of the walls. My specialty was doing sill gasket and putting the nuts and washers on the anchor bolts. But now I've been replaced. Well, almost. I did go help square the house and snap out lines a week ago - before this nasty weather hit! Now Darcy's brother Torrey is here to do the sill gasket and anchor bolts. Well, actually, it's not sill gasket. It's plastic. This builder didn't send any sill gasket, but apparently this will work just fine. They spread it between the concrete and the wood. I think it's for insulation or something. At least I'm nice and warm and dry inside! Torrey can help all he wants in this yucky weather!

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