Monday, November 12, 2007

Stormy Weather!!!

The stormy weather woke me up at 4am this morning. It was crazy windy outside! All I could think about was those trees with roots that we dug up - hoping they wouldn't fall on the neighbour's house! Well, after a while I heard the inevitable CRAAAAAAAACK! I knew it was one of those trees going down, but I didn't hear a crash after, so I was hoping it missed the house. Not that there was much I could do at 4am, anyway. Somehow I managed to fall back asleep, but first thing this morning I went over to survey the damage. I was right about the tree falling over, but it didn't fall the way I had thought it would. Had our house been built it would have fallen on the roof of our back deck. I thought it would fall the other way and land on those old houses beside us. As it was it missed the new house beside us by mere inches. Some of the smaller branches scraped it, but no damage was done. Fortunately it was a fairly skinny tree. The new neighbours in lot one (no one's living there yet) managed to escape major damage, too. They only had one small branch fall and break one little slat in the fence. So far, that is. It 's still really stormy out there, but hopefully the worst is over!

Gramps came by to help get rid of the tree and haul away the free fire wood.

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