Thursday, November 29, 2007


We met with Jeff from Kitchen Art last night to discuss the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen is staying mostly the same as the drawings, but we're making the phone desk a little smaller and taller - about the height of a counter, and we're making the microwave built in between the phone desk and the fridge, with the cupboards built out to the same level as the fridge. This eliminates those useless cupboards over the fridge that no one can ever reach - now they're flush (more or less) with the fridge.
In the upstairs bathrooms we're changing things a bit. We're eliminating most of that big linen closet in the main bathroom (we'll just have a small one there) and we're stealing 6" or so from the ensuite so that we can fit 2 sinks and a bank of drawers in the middle for the main bathroom. We're also getting rid of the angle in the walk-in closet and making it square. There's still plenty of room to get around and it will give us some more space for towel racks, etc.

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