Friday, November 16, 2007

"A Firm Foundation On A Solid Spot..."

"You gotta build your house upon a rock. A firm foundation on a solid spot. Oh, the storms may come and go, but the peace of God you will know."
Darcy poured the foundation today. We went over to see Daddy and the big "Longneck." Rachael & Kaitlyn think the big pump truck looks like a longneck dinosaur.

Technical difficulties! The vibrator (used to get the air pockets out of the wet concrete) got stuck! They were pulling on it and trying to get it un-stuck for about 5 minutes, but it finally came free!

On another note, we met with the design lady last night and picked out a few things. The siding is called "Sage" - it didn't look green in the little sample, but spread out over the whole house it probably will. Then we have a very dark green for the fascia (trim) and a cream color for around the windows to make things not look quite so green. On the gables we're doing cedar shakes stained the same as our timber-framed back deck and the posts and railing on the front porch will be the same. The front door will have a window in it and will be coffee bean colored. Darcy knows some guys who will get him a deal on the hardwood so we need to pick that, and then we need to talk to the kitchen cupboard guy to pick that. And we have homework! We need to order our appliances this weekend so the cupboard guy knows what size they are to build around them. Lots of decisions to make! But we're kind of going with the flow. We'll pick one color and the design lady will point out a color or two that will look well together and we're basically going with what she suggests. If she thinks it'll look good I'm sure it will. And that way it's less stressful! At least that's what we did for the outside of the house. I don't have to look at it all day everyday! Not sure about the inside colors yet. We'll see.

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