Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drain Tile Part 2

One advantage of building across the street from where you live is you can take lots of pictures! (Maybe too many?) Here's the drain tile with the crushed rocks on it. Very exciting.
In order to actually remove the water from the drain tile and the downspouts on the gutters and actually take the water away they need to hook it up to the sewer. Because our lot is so narrow in the front they had to dig up under our "front porch" to conect up to the thingy under the road. So once they've got the trench dug they'll put in some pipes, connect up, and fill it back up with dirt again.

Darcy also made one of our window wells for the basement. He could only do the one looking at the back yard until they back fill everywhere because there's not enough room on the side of the house for them to get around.

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