Monday, November 26, 2007

Hardwood Floor

I almost forgot to mention that we bought our hardwood floor. We were driving around looking for this store where Darcy could get a deal on flooring because he knows a guy, but we couldn't find it so we decided to stop in at King of Floor and find out what they had. Well, what they had was an incredible sale! We picked a wood that we knew we wanted our cupboards to look like and then took that piece around and held it up to other pieces to see how they looked together. Well we found this Engeineered Oak (182 or so on the hardness scale, which is really hard - harder than bamboo!) and it was regularly priced at $6.59/sqft and it was on sale for $3.99 I think. Engineered wood is better than regular because it doesn't expand and contract so much. So we got it! We were hoping to find something under $5 and we did! We bought all they had - which is almost how much we need. We'll go with carpet in the office and put some tile in the front entry and we'll make it work!

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