Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On The Road Again

I didn't make it out to the house yesterday because they were paving the road. They put the top layer of asphalt on our little lane, now that consctuction is about wrapped up. Much nicer now.
Now that it's warmer (a little, anyway) and sunny Amy came by to finish painting the trim.
The fascia, belly band, corner board and base boards are Tuscany Green. Trim around windows and doors will be Carington Beige.
The mudroom benches got painted. Here's the girls side:
and the grown-up side:
They're putting the finishing touches on the first coat of paint inside.
Getting in there with a paint brush where the sprayer can't get.
There's still some patching that's getting done before the second coat goes on.
No new paint colors yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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