Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Color My World

YesterdayI spent two hours picking out the colors for my house. I didn't get all the colors I wanted because every time you add another color it costs another $150. So I had to narrow it down to 4 colors, and then if we want to change the color later we can paint it ourselves.

Unfortunately I don't have samples, or even the names of what these colors are, but I can kind of describe it. The main color of the house is light green, but with a bit of grayish blue in it too. Somehow. Green, but not super-green. It's kinda like the color we had in our basement suite, if anyone remembers that. So that will be everywhere on the main floor, up the stairs, and in the hallway upstairs. The girls wanted pink in their room. I wanted yellow and pink in the craft room, so we're going to paint it a very light yellow and then later I can add the pink. The girls' bathroom, the guest room and the laundry room will also be yellow. In the master bedroom it will be dark blue, as well as the ensuite. So I didn't get the burgundy office I wanted, and only half of what I wanted in the craft room, but that's ok. I probably would have picked a different color for the ensuite, too, but gotta save $$$ where you can!

These are the cupboards and countertops throughout the house. Sorry the font's so small, but you get an idea of what it'll be.

I think they're spraying the bumpy stuff on the ceilings today or tomorrow. And one of Darcy's employees is going to be power washing the timber framed posts, etc today to get them ready for staining.

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