Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Waiting!!!

To quote Vinzini, we're waiting! Right now the plans are at the engineer and the truss people, then they get sent to the city. Our builder, Kevin, thinks we'll be ready to dig the first week or two of November. So until then, we play the waiting game.

We did, however buy our first appliance! (Well, unless you count the washer/dryer we got in the spring - or the built-in vacuum we bought.) We were looking at appliances on a rare day without the kids and saw a big Maytag fridge in the clearance section of Trail Appliances (it was last year's model). It was on sale for about $1800 - regularly about $2200 - plus tax and extended warranty and all that. A good deal, but still a lot of money. So we decided to look on Craig's List. We found virtually the same fridge - only three years old, working great - for $500. The guy selling it wanted to "upgrade" from black to stainless steel. I personally can't stand stainless steel (I worked in a cafeteria for 2 years - I don't want to feel like I'm working there everyday!) and white appliances don't look good with the dark cupboards that I'm hoping to get- so that leaves black! It's got a little scratch on it, but after a little craft paint and a lot of artwork on the fridge no one will ever know! Thank you, Craig's List!

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