Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Floor Plan

The first thing to do was find a house plan we liked. Because the lot was so long and narrow there wasn't a lot of options, but we found one we like.
We like the open layout and the big kitchen. I also like having a big mud room and hooks so the kids can hang their own jackets! It's nice to have an office on the main floor (and I like the French doors!). Darcy wants to build a timber-framed roof over the back deck. He's done lots of these and they look really nice.
I like the laundry upstairs and the vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom (more French doors, too!). And, of course, the nice big ensuite and walk-in closet. The kids get the whole basement for a playroom, so they're in heaven! They will share a room still (we just bought them bunkbeds) and one bedroom will be my craft room (yay!) and the other will be a guest room. At least until the kids get bigger and want their own rooms.

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